• Steamer Agency

    S V Logistics is a well established company incorporated in India since 2006 and a member of the shipping association to provide professional ship agency and shipping services with competitive tariff to the worldwide shipping community.

  • Project Logistics

    S V Logistics is a leading freight forwarding, 3 PL Logistics company specialized in Oil & gas / Offshore logistics, S V Logistics is established in 2006 and operate from our fully owned at most of the ports in India. We are one of the licensed customs house agency companies in India.

  • Ship Chandling

    We are industry leaders in Ship Supplies, Bunker Suppliers, We are largest stockest of Bearings, Dog Assembly, Quick Acting Clents, Steel Bleaching, MS Plates, Angles, etc. We also supply new machinery like Turbo Chargers, Cylinder Liners, Piston-Crown, Rings, Hydraulic Pumps, Generators, Filters and much

  • Ship Repairs

    This division deals with ship repair. We are giving all kinds of technical assistance to the vessels which are calling at Indian Ports. We carry out hull repairs, machinery repairs, and underwater repairs. Our goal is to provide high quality workmanship with very competitive prices.

  • Supporting Services

    Time and money are key considerations for ship Masters, owners and operators. That’s why S V Logistics provides the most efficient way to exchange officers & crew and deliver spares & provisions to vessels, without requiring them to divert


Quality Policy
We at S V Logistics are committed to Precise Logistics Management: Our expertise coupled with the latest technology and integrated operations ensure a comprehensive logistics solution customized to your needs

Reliability: Your consignments – at the right place, at the right time, at the right cost, meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements

Global Solutions: Partnering with equally reliable partners worldwide makes us an effective global operator

Business Ethics
We, at S V Logistics are committed to:

  • No discrimination on the basis of caste, color, religion etc.
  • Our policies are fair and transparent
  • We provide proper safety to our employees
  • Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Fairness, Impartiality, Fidelity to trust and inviolability of confidence are incumbent upon every employee of our organization
  • We provide proper environment conditions
  • Information about our employee’s personal lives, health and work evaluations are kept confidential
  • We make regular measurement of employee satisfaction
  • Neither give nor take any illegal payment, remuneration, gift, donations, or comparable benefits to obtain business favors.
  • Comply with all regulations to preserve the environment
  • Employee should report to management any actual or possible violation of code or an event that could affect the business or reputation of the company.
  • Employees shall not falsely or maliciously attempt to injure the reputation of others.
  • Our ethical dimension of business rests on the three key aspects of “legitimacy, equitability & transparency”.
  • We strictly implement ISO procedures without any deviations.
  • Trade Compliance Policy
    Policy Statement
    We comply with all applicable export, import and trade compliance laws of our country and the country in which we do business.

    It is the policy of S V Logistics to comply strictly with Indian Government and host government laws and regulations when importing, exporting or re-exporting. The company’s business goals never under any circumstances justify the violations of these laws.

    In furtherance of this policy, no person acting for or on behalf of S V Logistics will ship, mail, hand carry or in any other way export / Import any products (whether new or used, entire units or parts), or any technical data, or knowingly cause or permit any other person to do so, without being certain.

  • That such export/import may lawfully be made to the intended recipient in the intended country of destination;
  • That the export/import is either covered by a license exception or an export/import license has been obtained; and
  • That all documentation required for the export/import has been properly prepared and accompanies the export/import.

  • Mission Statement:

  • Meet on time delivery while ensuring global trade requirements are met.
  • Implement controls to manage international expenses for import and export activities. Provide direction to the development of new international business opportunities.
  • Mitigate risk through issue resolution, education and strategic planning.
  • Affect global trade controls through established policies and processes.

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy
    S V Logistics is dedicated to the pursuit and dissemination of goods and services. The illegal or abusive use of drugs or alcohol by employees of our Organization jeopardizes the safety of the individual or a group, and is adverse to the development of our business. S V Logistics is therefore committed to having a campus that is free of the illegal or abusive use of drugs and alcohol. In keeping with this commitment, it is the policy of S V Logistics that the illegal or abusive use of drugs or alcohol is prohibited on any of our office premises. S V Logistics will not employ/hire anyone who is known currently to abuse drugs or alcohol.

    In order to inform all employees of their responsibilities under this policy, and to meet the responsibilities as set forth the following information is provided:

  • Prohibited conduct.
  • Disciplinary sanctions that S V Logistics will impose on Employees.
  • Applicable legal sanctions under federal, state and local laws.
  • Health risks associated with the use of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol.
  • Drug and alcohol information and treatment program resources.

  • I. Prohibited Conduct
    1. All employees in the workplace must be capable of performing their duties.
    2. Employees are prohibited from:

  • Abusing alcohol or drugs;
  • Committing a controlled dangerous substance offense;
  • Committing an alcohol driving offense;
  • Working under the influence of alcohol;
  • Working under the inappropriate influence of prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs;
  • Working under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.
  • 3. When we learn or, based on observation or reliable information, suspects that an employee has committed a controlled dangerous substance or alcohol offense at the workplace. We, S V Logistics shall refer the matter to an appropriate law enforcement authority for further investigation and prosecution.
    4. All employees shall cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities in the investigation and prosecution of suspected criminal violations.
    5. An employee charged with an alcohol driving offense or a controlled dangerous substance offense shall report a finding of guilty, an acceptance before judgment to his or her supervisor within 2 working days.
    6. The supervisor shall report the final conviction of an alcohol driving offense or a controlled dangerous substance offense immediately to the Director of Human Resources.

    S V Logistics as a matter of policy prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of "Controlled substances" and "illegal drugs" by employees as set forth in the law:

    II. Disciplinary Sanctions that S V Logistics will impose on Employees
    1. The first time an employee is convicted of an at-the-workplace alcohol driving offense, or found under the influence of alcohol while at-the-workplace, the employee shall be suspended for 30 days and required to participate in an alcohol treatment program designated by the Employee Assistance Program ("EAP").
    2. An employee convicted of an off-the-workplace alcohol driving offense:
  • On the first conviction be referred to the EAP, and in addition, be subject to any other appropriate disciplinary actions;
  • On the second conviction, at a minimum, be suspended for at least 15 days, be referred to the EAP, be required to participate successfully in a treatment program, and in addition, be subject to any other appropriate disciplinary actions, up to and including termination;
  • On the third conviction, be terminated.
  • 3. A employee convicted of any controlled dangerous substance offense shall be terminated.
    4. A employee who tests positive for a controlled dangerous substance as a result of a random drug test shall be suspended for 15 work days and be required to successfully participate in a drug treatment program designated by the EAP.
    5. A employee who abuses a legally prescribed drug or an over-the-counter drug shall, on the first offense:
  • Be suspended for 15 work days; and
  • Be required to participate successfully in a drug treatment program designated by the EAP.
  • “The quality first, the service is supreme” as an objective and the commodity which relies on the high quality at low price wins the trust and praise of customers.